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  • Venice Biennale 1990

Down through the years Nikos Kouroussis has passed, artistically, through many of the corridors of his labyrinth. One could say, that in the course of his expressive quest he has left marks, clues, which lead one on a daedalic journey. Truth, for Kouroussis, is not expressed by pictorial language if this conveys a linear and logical perception of space. Nor should language try to outline the structure or the center of the labyrinth as a static condition. The artistic act which draws near a truth is the one that is expressed through a somewhat capricious language, a language which reveals the ceaseless and uninterrupted movement of the mind in all directions, so that our perception of our relationship with the space and time acquirers its proper spherical dimension. Since the middle of the 1970s, Nikos Kouroussis has repeatedly stated that “the labyrinth is a state of mind”. But the Minotaur must stay alive as long as the artist otherwise his quest will come to an end and his language become sterile.

Efi Strouza 1990, Art Historian